5 Best Cannabis Delivery Services

In states where medical marijuana is legal, cannabis delivery services represent a thriving sector of the industry. But since states like California and Nevada have legalized recreational weed, medical delivery services are working on making the pivot to the exploding recreational market.

Interestingly, services which specialize in delivering “weed” to your doorstep represent a kind of legal “gray area” in some of these places. Even if it’s totally legal to walk into a dispensary and buy weed, many localities are regulating or banning these kinds of services altogether.

But that hasn’t stopped the delivering weed businesses from booming in California, Colorado, and Washington. These services are vital for a wide range of customers because this topic can be tricky, and certain precautions have to be taken into consideration. But they are especially important for medical cannabis patients who are home-bound and folks in rural communities where dispensaries are scant. Services, where people receive the product they desperately need, are indispensable for cannabis users with serious illness or disabilities.

The Best Cannabis Delivery Services

Recreational users, however, are quickly realizing the convenience and benefits of services where cannabis is delivered directly to their homes. And entrepreneurs have taken notice. To take just one example, the tech startup Eaze won over $12 million in investments just for an app that connects users with services such as these. The “social network” approach is part of what’s making cannabis delivery services so successful.

There are hundreds of services that deliver cannabis directly to your doorstep out there. Some, however, have more to offer than others. The best delivery services take customer care seriously and offer a range of products and special deals. These are the best cannabis delivery services out there today.

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